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Premium Content Creator

Hello! I'm ThatGuyMW, I'm a Fivem developer. I make models, eup textures & liverys.



12. Jul 2022




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BCSO Livery Pack-IMAGE
BCSO Livery Pack

Small Livery package I made for my BCSO in my server (Turbo Role-Play), It supports the Following templates; Supports Legacy Custo...

by ThatGuyMW
BCSO Eup package-IMAGE
BCSO Eup package

Small BCSO Eup package for any server, was paid but no anymore! It has the following in it Male Compatible Add-On Class A (1 ...

by ThatGuyMW
San Andreas University Police Department-IMAGE
San Andreas University Police Department

This is a small San Andreas University Police, Used NorthernScot Customs University Police Package for the vehicles These will ...

by ThatGuyMW
Los Santos Police Department Liveries-IMAGE
Los Santos Police Department Liveries

This is a small Los Santos Police, Used NorthernScot Customs Valor, Slick-top & legacyV2 Packages for the vehicles These will f...

by ThatGuyMW
2018 Hellcat-IMAGE
2018 Hellcat

At a whopping 797 horsepower, The 2018 Dodge Charger Hellcat will get you going to 60 in 3 seconds & to 100 in under 8! LED Lig...

by ThatGuyMW
MWD I BCSO V1 Livery Pack

Bcso Livery's to fit RedSaint's Valor Mega Pack. This pack was made as a Paid pack, It's outdated now, With some of my New stuff h...

by ThatGuyMW
LSPD Mini Pack

Hello, I'm ThatGuyMW. I through this small pd pack together & might as well release it. Comes with; Class A Class B Class ...

by ThatGuyMW