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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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txAdmin is already installed on newer FiveM artifacts, you will just need to run it with ./ for Linux and ./FXServer.exe for Windows.
There is a detailed explaination on the FiveM txAdmin Documentation, go check it out!
For older FXServer versions, go visit the GitHub page of txAdmin (be aware that you should always try to have a updated FXServer version, so instead of trying to get txAdmin for an older version just install a newer FXServer version).
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There is no specific amount of money you have to spend on Patreon, there are different donation tiers.
You can find all details about the Patreon here.
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1) Open FiveM
2) Link your FiveM application to your account who has bought the server boosts over the FiveM Patreon (you'll get 1 boost every $5)
3) Hover over the server you want to boost and click on boost on the right side. It may takes some time for the boost to apply.
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1) Open your FiveM Client
2) Press F8
3) Type 'connect [ip/domain]', for example: connect
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1) Right click your FiveM Client
2) Go to the filepath
3) Double click the first app in the folder
4) Delete the cache.xml, not the cache folder!
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Before installing: Make sure you have nano, mkdir, tar, wget, git and screen installed. You can install it with sudo apt install nano mkdir wget git screen tar
1) First of all you should log in to your VPS via the normal Windows cmd with ssh [Username]@[IP] or with an application named Putty.
2) Go to the home folder with cd /home
3) Create a folder named fivem with sudo mkdir fivem and go inside this folder with cd fivem. Then create another folder named server with sudo mkdir server and go in this folder with cd server
4) Go to the FiveM Artifacts server website and copy the download link from the latest Artifact version.
5) Change back to your console and type in sudo wget [Download Link]
6) Unzip your files with sudo tar xf fx.tar.xz
7) Delete the zipped file with sudo rm fx.tar.xz
8) You installed the latest FiveM artifact version now. Go back with cd .. and create a folder named 'server-data' with sudo mkdir server-data
9) Paste in the latest version of the citizenfx server data folder with sudo git clone /home/fivem/server-data
10) You are nearly done. Go inside the server data folder with cd server-data and create a file named 'server.cfg' with sudo nano server.cfg You can now also edit the file.
11) Copy the server.cfg example and paste it into your server.cfg
12) Change the 'changeme' to your licence key. You can get it from the FiveM Keymaster Website
13) Save the wile with CONTROL+O and leave the editor with CONTROL+X
14) Your done. To start your server, type in bash /home/fivem/server/ +exec server.cfg inside the server-data folder. Additionaly, if you want your server to run in the background, use screen -S Servername -d -m bash /home/fivem/server/ +exec server.cfg You can enter the screen with screen -R Servername and leave it with CONTROL+A + CONTROL+D. If you want to stop the screen, go inside it and press CONTROL+C
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There are 3 programming languages mainly used for coding FiveM Scripts:
  • C#
  • Lua
  • JavaScript

You can find more information about the FiveM Natives or how to code FiveM scripts with clicking on the according text.
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If you got banned from a FiveM server there is no standard procedure, just join their Discord and you will get further information.
If you got globally banned from FiveM, its probably because you used unauthorized software.

In case you think its a false ban, you can appeal here.
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To list your server on the FiveM server list, just set a # in front of sv_master1 "" in your server.cfg

It should look like this: #sv_master1 ""
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CodeWalker is a free-to-use application that can be used to create custom maps for FiveM and GTA. There are also some alternatives like Menyoo and Map Editor, but its very easy compared to the others to implement CodeWalker maps into FiveM.
There are multiple tutorials on how to use it on the internet, mainly on his GitHub page, however there is also a Discord for support and feedback.
You can download Codewalker here!
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To code your own script, you will have to learn one of the 3 following coding languages:
  • C#
  • Lua
  • JavaScript
If you want to get into coding, I can suggest you the tutorial by Jeva.
In case you need information about different Natives / general help, go visit the FiveM Documentation.
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To get a colored name for your server, you have to donate at last $15 monthly to the FiveM Patreon.
You can use color codes between ^1 and ^9, but make sure to link the FiveM account you've bought the subscription with the account which generated the FiveM Key on the Keymaster Page