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Police Armory Script-IMAGE Scripts Accessoires LUA Heavy
Police Armory Script

This script is a basic police armory script that is intended to spice up and make your roleplay a tad more realistic. The script a...

by Tamir112
FiveM Ready I Rp Commands I do, darkweb, tweet, news and more!-IMAGE Scripts Command
FiveM Ready I Rp Commands I do, darkweb, tweet, news and more!

This is my first time "coding" (copy and pasting and changing a few things) I DID NOT MAKE THIS SCRIPT! I expanded off another sc...

by AustinDesigns
FiveM / Discord Lua Bot-IMAGE Misc Misc Accessoires
FiveM / Discord Lua Bot

Yeah I know! I thought this guy left fivem? nah hes just a ghost now..... This is the bot that can be easily configured to you l...

by NoahtheDeveloper
FiveM livemap-IMAGE Scripts Others Misc Map Livemap
FiveM livemap

This is a live map I orginally made for LFS. I decided to upload this livemap to fivemods because there are almost ...

by AwesomeCore1
Toggleable Holograms-IMAGE Scripts LUA
Toggleable Holograms

Simple hologram script that allows you to toggle them on and off. Default command is /holograms The script allows you to change ...

by Gravxd
ATC Script (/atc Command)-IMAGE Scripts Accessories Misc Airport Plane Adjustment
ATC Script (/atc Command)

Use the /atc command to Contact Air Traffic Control! This is mostly used for flight sims and will be used in my own Flight Sim as ...

by Neutron
Path Logger-IMAGE Scripts Misc C# Command HUD Others
Path Logger

A simple path logger that lets you record your in-game player movement. Commands: /path <interval (optional)> - toggles path recor...

by KoenTech
FiveM Teleportation Menu-IMAGE Scripts Menu Gameplay
FiveM Teleportation Menu

This menu is used for setting locations that players can teleport to with ease. **Features** Multiple Category options Accessible...

by Tamir112
Speedometer-IMAGE Scripts Addon HUD

This Speedometer is Good :) Installing very easy! 1. Drag and drop the "speedometer" file in the ressource folder 2. Go in the se...

by Fuchso
Discord Webhooks for FiveM-IMAGE Scripts ESX
Discord Webhooks for FiveM

Send bot messages on discord from your FiveM server thanks to webhooks ! Useful for logs Also can be used for companies to get d...

by Selene_Desna
Grape Harvesting ( Not A Job )-IMAGE Scripts ESX
Grape Harvesting ( Not A Job )

This script need the server to add the items "raisin" and "jusraisin" in your database. Harvest grapes in Marlowe's Vineyard and ...

by Selene_Desna